India will pay a heavy price by messing with China: Global Times


India will pay a heavy price by messing with China: Global Times PQ Amid the ongoing border dispute with India, the Chinese government’s mouthpiece Global Times has published an article. It says that if India continues to struggle with China, it will have to pay a huge price for it. Along with this, Modi government has also been targeted for Corona virus and economy.

The Global Times has written,it will be very expensive for India to deploy large numbers of soldiers at high altitude on LAC. The supply of arms and goods every day will also adversely affect the economic condition of India. The cost of deployment of army will increase even more when winter comes. CDS General Bipin Rawat has claimed that the army is also ready for a severe winter. The newspaper has written that it is useless to show such aggressive attitude in view of the huge cost of military supplies.

Conflict with China will not only damage India’s foreign cooperation but will also affect the industrial supply chain. This will weaken confidence in the Indian market and investment-trading will go away. India will have to assess the economic impact of the hovering shadow of the war as its battered economy will not be able to afford the deployment of the army on LAC in winter.

The Global Times has written, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is under great pressure at the moment because there is a possibility of a record 10 percent fall in GDP in this financial year. Many economists in India and around the world have estimated this. Millions of Indians are about to drown in the darkness of poverty due to losing jobs and not getting jobs.

The Global Times wrote, citing the Indian Ministry of Statistics and Information, that the construction sector was the worst hit in the Indian economy in the second quarter. The construction sector has fallen by 50 percent compared to last year. The manufacturing sector registered a decline of 39 per cent and the mining sector by 23 per cent. Data quality will also be affected due to the nationwide lockdown and many economists are apprehensive that the situation will become worse in the coming times.



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