Beirut Explosion Rescuers investigate for a heartbeat in the rubble


Beirut Explosion Rescuers investigate for a heartbeat in the rubble Rescuers in Beirut are continually searching for a heartbeat amidst the wreckage caused by the explosion. Special censor equipment has been dispatched to the Mar Mikhail region after the unconfirmed report that a heartbeat was detected in the area beneath the rubble.

Initially, the search was suspended overnight, but volunteers continued to work, removing the rubble through their bare hands.

The Beirut explosion killed 190 people when 2,750 tonnes of illegally stored ammonium nitrate detonated. Approximately 300,000 people were left homeless by the blast on 4 August. There has been an outrage across the world.

The hazardous material stored unsafely in close vicinity to residential areas was illegitimate, and the government officials had no information about it. The Lebanese government’s resignation shortly afterward failed to pacify the protestors, who clashed with the country’s police several nights against the government’s outright negligence.

Search parties and rescuers are still investigating for people who are alive under the rubble. Special rescue teams from Chile are called to examine the dilapidated situation. The efforts by the Lebanon search parties were paused due to the fear that buildings would further collapse.

On Friday, Chilean and Lebanese excavation workers continued removing the rubble from the building where crowds have gathered in heaps, but the signs of life were diminishing. The pulse that was detected on Thursday had slowed significantly on Friday; a rescue coordinator told AFP.

After removing the rubble, the workers still detected for signs of life such as heartbeat or respiration, but it showed low heartbeat/respiration levels of seven per minute. Rescuers also believe that there might be a dead body beneath the building rubble.

In a separate development, four containers with 4.3 tonnes of ammonium nitrate were discovered outside Beirut’s seaport, the army stated. The specialists examined the material but refused to give further details.



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