About Us

This is a portal that predominantly conveys news on happenings in Andhra on a current basis.

The kind of news generated consists of all types of genres and interest. The subject matter is varied as well as to the point and freshly updated. It is like a one stop solution for all ones Andhra happenings at one go.

The portal also showcases the development of Andhra as a region in recent times. The changes it has made to become a hot spot of industrial and related growth projects. It provides an extra edge of information for people looking for that added spice of news on current affairs covering a whole lot of day to day topics of general interest.

Information on the go is the new age mantra. And the site stands testimony to that very effectively. It provides information for students and tech savvy people, for general public as well, looking forward or keen to know the Andhra side of stories on latest happenings in the region. The news is updated keeping pace with the happenings in the region as things keep changing at a break neck speed in modern times.Along with giving necessary information on current happenings the site also forecasts of the about to come news largely based on situations prevalent in the area covered.

As one is always looking forward to know that extra bit, this keeps up with the expectations of keeping up with latest trends in the field of news and technological happenings. The scheduled happenings help people to plan their engagements and keeping track.The portal is adapted to all sorts of gadgets like computers, laptops, tabs, mobiles etc. For all these reasons and its trendy features this site is gaining huge popularity among the new generation who wants to be updated at all times and at all costs.

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