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Beirut Explosion Rescuers investigate for a heartbeat in the rubble


Beirut Explosion Rescuers investigate for a heartbeat in the rubble Rescuers in Beirut are continually searching for a heartbeat amidst the wreckage caused by the explosion. Special censor equipment has been dispatched to the Mar Mikhail region after the unconfirmed report that a heartbeat was detected in the area beneath the rubble.

Initially, the search was suspended overnight, but volunteers continued to work, removing the rubble through their bare hands.

The Beirut explosion killed 190 people when 2,750 tonnes of illegally stored ammonium nitrate detonated. Approximately 300,000 people were left homeless by the blast on 4 August. There has been an outrage across the world.

The hazardous material stored unsafely in close vicinity to residential areas was illegitimate, and the government officials had no information about it. The Lebanese government’s resignation shortly afterward failed to pacify the protestors, who clashed with the country’s police several nights against the government’s outright negligence.

Search parties and rescuers are still investigating for people who are alive under the rubble. Special rescue teams from Chile are called to examine the dilapidated situation. The efforts by the Lebanon search parties were paused due to the fear that buildings would further collapse.

On Friday, Chilean and Lebanese excavation workers continued removing the rubble from the building where crowds have gathered in heaps, but the signs of life were diminishing. The pulse that was detected on Thursday had slowed significantly on Friday; a rescue coordinator told AFP.

After removing the rubble, the workers still detected for signs of life such as heartbeat or respiration, but it showed low heartbeat/respiration levels of seven per minute. Rescuers also believe that there might be a dead body beneath the building rubble.

In a separate development, four containers with 4.3 tonnes of ammonium nitrate were discovered outside Beirut’s seaport, the army stated. The specialists examined the material but refused to give further details.

Scarlett Johansson recalls how Kevin Feige informed her about Black Widow’s demise


Scarlett Johansson recalls how Kevin Feige informed her about Black Widow’s demise  Actress Scarlett Johansson recalled how Marvel president Kevin Feige broke the ongoing disappearance of Black Widow. Black Widow, an ultimate assassinator, and operative is a character played by Scarlett Johansson in the Marvel series. However, Natasha Romanova, a.k.a Black Widow died in the 2019 film Avengers: Endgame. However, the actress mentioned that she was informed about her character’s fate even before the launch of the predecessor movie, Avengers: Infinity War.

How Marvel notified her about Black Widow’s death

“It was before the Infinity War soliciting that I was told what was going to occur in the Endgame,” the actress told the Empire magazine.

It continued, “Kevin (Feige) called me and told me that we were in an area where great sacrifices and great losses are going to happen. We all anticipated that and so did the character. However, it did take me a minute to process the news. It was a little crooked, but it wasn’t a shock.”

In addition to the black widow, Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man was also killed in the direction of the film’s advice.  A replacement model for Black Widow’s death was also filmed. Writers Stephen McFly and Christopher Marcus initially mentioned that they needed Clint to kill her on the spot, even though she was determined to oppose it.

McFeely said on Twitter, “When we told a lot of women on the crew about the news that maybe we’re thinking hockey is over, they said to not do it, it would be stealing.”

Everybody was confident that Black Widow might quickly end up the protagonist of her very own film. Marvel Studios’ Black Widow will hit the screens in November. However, the movie would be a prequel and will portray the rise of Natasha Romanova as the Black W

How much Dengue is dangerous?


How much Dengue is dangerous? Nowadays, Dengue is a common disease. The mortality rate is 2-5% which is very less. But if you don’t cure it or take it lightly then it can be dangerous. Millions of people fall prey because they have a lack of information. Dengue causes a high fever as well as body pain which can be cured with early treatment and prevention.

Dengue Haemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome are suggested as severe dengue. If dengue is not treated at the right time then the lie of the patient can also be lost. This type of infection can cause people of all classes and ages but the risk is more in children.

When dengue reaches a dangerous stage then it is known as Sevier dengue. It is dangerous because when blood starts coming out from many parts of the body of patients and with this blood, the blood plasma starts coming out of the body. Dengue fever can cause damage to the lungs, liver, and heart. In some cases, the blood pressure of the patient falls so down that he dies.

Other symptoms are also seen in a patient such as-

  • Great rash
  • Bleeding under the skin
  • Bleeding with stool and urine
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Swelling in many parts of the body

Dr. PankajanadChaudhary of Max Vaishali Hospital states that dengue can be less dangerous to a limited extent. There is better precaution than treatment so we need to pay attention to prevent dangerous:-

  • Mostly, dengue mosquito bites during the daytime so apply cream or moisturizer to avoid mosquitos
  • Wear such clothes which cover your legs and arms
  • Never allow water to collect in any open space in the house.
  • Spray DDT at home and around
  • Clean your bed before going to sleep at night
  • Use of mosquitos odor


Dengue is not such a dangerous disease. As, with the bit cautions, we will treat it or your little carelessness allow the disease to be dangerous. So, you need to be aware.

India will pay a heavy price by messing with China: Global Times


India will pay a heavy price by messing with China: Global Times PQ Amid the ongoing border dispute with India, the Chinese government’s mouthpiece Global Times has published an article. It says that if India continues to struggle with China, it will have to pay a huge price for it. Along with this, Modi government has also been targeted for Corona virus and economy.

The Global Times has written,it will be very expensive for India to deploy large numbers of soldiers at high altitude on LAC. The supply of arms and goods every day will also adversely affect the economic condition of India. The cost of deployment of army will increase even more when winter comes. CDS General Bipin Rawat has claimed that the army is also ready for a severe winter. The newspaper has written that it is useless to show such aggressive attitude in view of the huge cost of military supplies.

Conflict with China will not only damage India’s foreign cooperation but will also affect the industrial supply chain. This will weaken confidence in the Indian market and investment-trading will go away. India will have to assess the economic impact of the hovering shadow of the war as its battered economy will not be able to afford the deployment of the army on LAC in winter.

The Global Times has written, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is under great pressure at the moment because there is a possibility of a record 10 percent fall in GDP in this financial year. Many economists in India and around the world have estimated this. Millions of Indians are about to drown in the darkness of poverty due to losing jobs and not getting jobs.

The Global Times wrote, citing the Indian Ministry of Statistics and Information, that the construction sector was the worst hit in the Indian economy in the second quarter. The construction sector has fallen by 50 percent compared to last year. The manufacturing sector registered a decline of 39 per cent and the mining sector by 23 per cent. Data quality will also be affected due to the nationwide lockdown and many economists are apprehensive that the situation will become worse in the coming times.


Scarlett Johansson recalls how Kevin Feige informed her about Black Widow’s...

Scarlett Johansson recalls how Kevin Feige informed her about Black Widow's demise  Actress Scarlett Johansson recalled how Marvel president Kevin Feige broke the ongoing...

How much Dengue is dangerous?


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